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How To Create A Facebook Ad Account

Most entrepreneurs eventually reach a point that they are making sales through their normal channels, but they can really increase their sales through Facebook Ads. After all, earning $10,000 without ads is great, but imagine how much more you could be earning with ads!

Before you can start running ads, you first must have created a Facebook Business Page and a Facebook Business Manager. If you haven’t done these 2 things yet, make sure to read the earlier articles in this tutorial series.

Once you are ready to run ads, it’s time to create your first ad account!

Getting Started

The first important thing to note is you will likely already have a personal ad account tied to your Facebook profile. This means that you can run ads directly from your personal account, but I recommend setting yourself up with a separate account for your business.

First, it’s a good idea to keep your Facebook personal life separate from your business life. As your business grows, it will be important to keep work and personal expenses separate for tax purposes, and for general ease of use.

Also, in order to use the Facebook Business Manager and the tools it provides, it must be tied to your Business Page. Again, if you are a solo entrepreneur and have a business page in your own name for your entrepreneurial tasks that is completely fine. You just want to separate your business and personal Facebook life when possible!

Step 1: Locating Create New Ad Account

To get started, you should have a Business Manager account all set up and your Business Page added into it.

Next, go to This should open up your ad account for your Business Page.

If it opens up your ad account for your personal page, make sure to switch it to your business page by clicking the drop down in the top left and select your business page.

Click “Add”, which will open up the following options. Click the bottom “Create a New Ad Account” option.

Add ad account

Create a new ad account


Step 2: Enter Account Information

A box will pop up asking you to enter information about your new Ad Account.

Enter your business name for the Ad Account name, choose the proper time zone, and the correct currency for where your business is based.

NOTE: Choosing the correct currency is very important and cannot be changed later. If you want to pay for your Facebook ads using a different currency you will have to create an entirely new Ad Account, so make sure to choose the normal currency you normally use!

Ad account details

Next, another box will pop up asking what this ad account will be used for. Make sure to select the top “My Business” option, the click “Create”.

Ad Account Used For

Step 3: Add People and Permissions

After your account is created, you will be prompted to add someone as the administrator of the ad account. You will likely only have yourself listed, so click on your name, then click the “Manage Ad Account” toggle, then click Assign. This will give your personal Facebook profile full permission to create ads in your ad account for your business.

Add People and Permissions

Step 4: Add a Payment Method

You will receive a message that your ad account has been created along with your unique ad account number. However, you aren’t finished quite yet!

You should add a valid payment method as soon as possible. Facebook has a history of blocking accounts that do not have valid payment methods attached to them, so it is a good idea to add a payment method even if you aren’t planning on running ads immediately.

To add a payment method, click the Add Payment Method button

Add Payment Method

On the next page, confirm your currency is correct, then click Edit on Business and Tax Info. Enter your business name (or personal name if you don’t have a different business name), along with your address. This is very important to do because Facebook wants to validate your information, and it is a good idea to enter it all so your account does not get accidentally banned.

Business and tax info

Choose your preferred payment method and click Next. Enter your card details to save them to your account.

Next Steps: Adding Other People To Your Account

Congratulations, you have now created a proper Facebook Ad Account!

If you are working with a partner to help manage your Facebook Ad account, there are a few additional steps.

First, in the upper left of the same screen click “Users” then “People”:

Users and People

Next, click the “Add” button in the middle of the screen:

Add People button

Next, enter the email address of the person you are inviting to work on your account. If you are working with a trusted Facebook Ad Partner you can grant them admin access so they can manage your Ad Account easier, but make sure you trust them and do not grant admin access to someone you don’t trust!

Invite People details

The next window will let you set the necessary permissions for the person you are inviting.

Click on your business name in the middle section, then scroll down on the right hand section until you get to “Manage Page”. Grant permission to Managing the Page by clicking on the toggle.

Assign Access Pages

Next, click “Ad Accounts” on the left hand column, then click your business name in the middle column, then enable “Manage Ad Account” on by clicking the toggle on the right.

Assign Access Ad Account

Click Invite to invite the person to manage your Page and Ad Account and you are finished!